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We are The Outsourcing Limited.

Rome was not built in a day, the ancients say. What they might have left out is that it was also not build by an individual. Any vision can be realized but not without the aid of an ‘ally’. We are that ally! The one that becomes part of your business by understanding your values and philosophy. This way, we find the best solutions to solve those challenges that bring about the difference between realizing your ‘Rome’ or never getting there at the right pace. Big or small, we care and can achieve ‘Rome’ together.

Driven by a need in the industry for realism and professionalism in 1998, Nacan Enterprices- the sprout that has become Outsourcing Limited, is led and driven by trained, exposed and experienced professionals in their specific fields. With ‘Rome’ in mind, we work as a team, that believes in exemplary service (and goods) provision. Our greatest reward is will be you realizing success. We deliver via a proven, stable and reliable network built in over a decade’s relations in business and even more in previous experiences.

Government agencies, private companies and conglomerates trust us to deliver on point! Our network base includes manufacturers, suppliers and partnerships in providing goods and service delivery from all over the world and thus synergizing and delivering excellent services and making partnerships in ventures of mutual benefit.

Our Vision : To be the missing link
in outsourcing of Goods and Services.

Our Mission

To be an excellent supplier of Goods and Services in the region. The instrument that helps others concentrate on their core business.


Our Company Slogan

Your Problem, Our Business


Our Core Business

Source, deliver and supply goods and services for clients enabling them to concentrate on their core business.

Our Partners


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